Priyanka praised the IAF, Pakistan got the pepper

The situation in the country is somewhat different after the Pulwama attack. Today, everyone is demanding strict action against terrorism. Recently, the Indian Air Force attacked terrorist bases in Pakistan, killing many terrorists. Bollywood stars, including people, have praised the work and justified the action. Priyanka Chopra also supported the Indian Air Force in the move and commented on social media which is not acceptable to Pakistan now.

Pakistan has filed a petition

Pakistan has filed an online petition demanding the removal of Priyanka from the post of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, after praising the Indian Air Force’s airstrikes on terrorist hideouts in Pakistan. According to this petition, if there is a nuclear war between the two countries, it will only be a tragedy. As a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Priyanka should not have supported this. She should have been fair at such a time. However, he supported the IAF. In such a situation, he is not eligible for the post of UNICEF Goodwill President.

Took place in Pulwama 40 Young martyr

For your information, let us know that hundreds of people have signed this petition. However, the name of Jish-e-Mohammed was not even mentioned in the petition. The same organization claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack in which 40 soldiers were killed.


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