Priyanka Chopra says – shamefully we should bow our heads that we have failed to do anything for our women

20 days ago

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Priyanka spent her childhood in Berili, Uttar Pradesh. The whole family moved here after their family Captain Dr. Ashok Chopra was posted in Bareilly. Priyanka also did some education from St. Maria Gravity College here.

  • Priyanka Chopra writes in the post – Every rape is not just another number
  • Anushka Sharma was also surprised by the incident in Balrampur

Priyanka Chopra has expressed outrage over the brutal rape of a 22-year-old girl in Balrampur in the same state after Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. Angered by the incident, the actress wrote on Instagram, “More scary news from Balrampur … Every rape is not just number two. There is a family behind it that has to live in fear forever. We should all bow our heads for this indescribable cruelty that we We have failed to do anything for our women. “

There was outrage at the Hatras incident

Earlier, Priyanka had also expressed anger over the Hathras gang-rape. She writes in her post, “Emotions of disrespect and abuse, resentment and anger, sadness and frustration are coming again and again. Why this barbarism again and again? Women, young girls are raped after rape and we cry, they cry, yet no one hears screams. Why the hatred? Are parents raising their children like this? Is the law silent in the cry of cries?

Anushka Sharma surprised

Anushka Sharma expressed surprise at the Balrampur incident. The actress wrote in an Instagram story, “We were in a very short time before we heard of another horrific rape. Who is the monster in the world who thinks they can do this with a young life? It’s understandable, annoying beyond what these people have in mind.” How can we, as a society, instill fear in them and protect our women? “

Anushka Sharma also came from UP. He was born in Ayodhya. But he grew up in Bangalore. The family moved there due to the transfer of his father Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma.


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