Priyanka Chopra reveals how she supported ‘Namaste’ during the Miss World crown

New Delhi: The actress who has won her performances all over the world Priyanka Chopra Recently one of them made a big revelation about a wardrobe mashup. However, Priyanka is still wearing stunning clothes on the red carpet. Her style statement also gives her a distinct recognition in the whole fashion world. But did you know that there was a huge commotion on the Miss World stage because of her attire, after which the Indian name te tihike ‘namaste’ supported Priyanka.

Hi just Priyanka
Priyanka recently revealed in an interview with People magazine that she was the most uncertain even in the biggest event of her life. But he tackled this problem very smartly. Priyanka said, ‘I was under a lot of pressure. The entire tape of the dress was removed at the end of the event. When I was walking, I kept saying hello. People thought I was saying hello but I grabbed the dress.

When the throat garment became difficult to breathe
But this did not happen only once, Priyanka told another episode about the mess involved in her dress. Priyanka said that this was the second such event when she wore Ralph Lauren at the 2018 Met Gala event. Priyanka said, ‘It was Ralph Lauren’s blood red dress. Who had gold head gear. But the corset inside the dress, I could not breathe. I felt him pressing my ribs. It was the hardest to sit on while wearing it during dinner. It was clear that I could not eat anything that night.

Let us inform you that Priyanka will be seen in the movie White Tiger soon. Prince Rao is with him in this film. The film is set to release on Netflix this month.

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