Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Javed Akter made such allegations in the controversial film before his release

The trailer of the movie ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ about PM Modi has been released on the occasion of Holi. People liked this trailer a lot. The way this trailer is getting response from people, it can be said that this movie is going to make great money at the box office. However, the film was embroiled in controversy even before its release.

Javed Akhtar got angry at the producers

Recently, the producers released a poster of the film, which features the name of famous author Javed Akhtar as the author of the song. After that everyone feels that Javed Akhtar wrote the song for the film. However, this is not true because Javed Akhtar himself has revealed the truth in this regard. He said on Twitter, “I was shocked to see the poster of the film … I didn’t compose a single song for it.”

The manufacturers did not respond

For your information, despite the allegations made by Javed Akhtar, no statement has been issued by the filmmakers so far.


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