Popular TV actor Ashish Roy has died due to financial crisis and long-term illness

Mumbai: Film, TV, theater actor, voice-over artist and writer Ashish Roy has died today due to a long illness. He was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for the past one week. Ashish appealed to the people in the industry for help. Ashray Roy returned to his home on November 22 after receiving financial support from industry people.

The driver gave information of his death
Talking to Zee News about Ashish Roy’s number, his driver Raju said that Ashish Roy has been undergoing dialysis for the last 6 months. He would take her to the hospital for dialysis 3 days a week. Ashish also went for dialysis on Saturday, but he had been ill since yesterday evening and died around 4:30 am on Tuesday.

Ashish died in the flat
One of his servants was present with Ashish Roy at the time of this tragic incident. Raju said he had to be taken for dialysis on Tuesday as usual. Ashish’s sister, who lives in Calcutta, was on her way when she got a call. His sister was pronounced dead at the scene. Ashish lived in the Andheri-Jogeshwari area of ​​Mumbai.

Ashish Roy’s financial condition was also not good due to illness. So he asked for four lakh rupees for the treatment of the people. Many art personalities came forward to help 54-year-old Ashish Roy. It is said that those who assisted Ashish included Anurag Kashyap, director Hun Sal Mehta, director Vijay Nambiar, producer BP Singh, actress Divya Jyoti Sharma, model and actor Sushil Parsha.

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Ashish is a resident of Kolkata
Ashish Roy’s married sister Konika (Konika) who lives in Calcutta also helped his brother in bad times. He is said to have reached Mumbai from Kolkata at 7 am this morning. According to reports, Ashish Roy lived alone in Mumbai. He sold his flat in Andheri and wanted to shift to his sister in Calcutta forever. Before the lockdown, he made a deal to sell the house and also took money in advance. He did not sell the house later due to some problems.

Ashis was ill for 8 months
Ashish Roy (Ashish Roy) was admitted to the hospital in January this year due to a mild stroke. It is said that Rs 9 lakh was spent on his treatment at this time. In January all his accumulated capital was spent due to illness. For this reason, there was no money left for him to be treated again. Ashish became restless in his situation and sought help from the people of the industry.

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