Pooja Bedi is doing Goa with her fianc মান Manek Contractor in Goa, saying- ‘Don’t be afraid …’

Puja Bedi with her fianc মান Manek contractor. Photo courtesy – @pujabititwits / twitter

50-year-old Pooja Bedi posted a video on Twitter with her fianc Manek contractor, which is going very viral.

Mumbai Among the growing cases of corona, there are many celebrities who are going out of Mumbai (Mumbai) for holidays. Actress Pooja Bedi is one of them. Nowadays he is spending quality time in Goa with his fianc মানe Manek Contractor. 50-year-old Pooja Bedi posted a video on Twitter with her fianc, which is going very viral.

Pooja Bedi shared the video, her happiness can be seen in it. While sharing the video, he wrote- ‘Enjoy healthy, happy, Goa. Feel free. No fear. Life is about survival, not captivity. Fear of masking the virus for years and years, it is clear that it is no longer going. After almost a year of mask / lockdown, if you die tomorrow কি what will be your biggest regret?

She can be clearly heard in the video, ‘Happiness in Goa’. She is completely in love with Manek and affectionately calls him ‘My Baby’. Pooja posted another video, writing, ‘I love Goa, there are many reasons to love Goa, the locals are welcome, excellent food and most importantly my health and Goa business.

Pooja says that you know why I love Goa? There is clear air here. The sun is shining here. There is happiness. Openness. There are beautiful beaches. With it he shows the surroundings, where he comes for morning and evening walks.


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