Pippa: 1971 Shan Khattar will be seen in the main character in the 1971 war movie

New Delhi Mrinal Tagore, Soni Rajdan, Priyanshu Penuly and An Shan Khattar have joined the film ‘Pippa’ starring Isha Shan Khattar. The film is based on the book The Burning Chafies written by Brig Balaram Singh Mehta.

There are plans to release next year
This film is directed by Raja Menon. The film is slated for release next year. Mrinal and Priyanshu will be seen as Mr Shan’s siblings. At the same time, Sony will play her mother in the film.
Anshan will be seen in the lead role of Brigadier Mehta in the film. Brigadier Mehta was part of the 45th Cavalry Tank Squadron of the Eastern Front in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War.

The artists have expressed joy
Sharing this news on social media, Mrinal tweeted, ‘2020 has been good. This team is ready to show strength. Excited to be part of this amazing team! # Barrel. Priyanshu also shared some similar feelings.

King Menon excited
Film director Raja said in a statement, ‘With the joining of Mrinal, Priyanshu and An Shan, we have got three attractive young kulakars. Personally, I am interested in working with these young talents.

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New artists are at mercy
The film is directed by Ronnie Screwwaller’s RSVP and Siddharth Roy Kapoor’s Roy Kapoor Films. This film will tell the story of India’s heroism. Raja Menon had earlier directed the film ‘Airlift’ starring Akshay Kumar. Mrinal was seen in ith Twik Roshan’s ‘Super 30’ and Priyanshu was seen in Randeep Huda-Chris Hemsworth starrer ‘Extraction’.

The film has garnered the support of new actors
Ronnie said that ‘Pippa’ tells the story of India’s victory in the war. This picture will be told from the point of view of Mehta family. For this, we have added great actors to the film. I am glad that we have talented artists like Mrinal and Priyanshu who will take this victory story forward with victory.

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