Pictures of pregnant Anushka Sharma from the set went viral, driving the baby bump posted with the team

(Photo credit: Instagram / Giorgio Gabriel)

A picture of Anushka Sharma has now surfaced on the internet, where pregnant Anushka is seen posing with her group. She looks so beautiful in the photo. Due to which Anushka is getting a lot of likes from her fans.

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  • Latest version:November 29, 2020, 7:34 p.m.

Mumbai Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is enjoying her pregnancy these days. The actress is discussing her pregnancy. On this day, the picture of Anushka Sharma flaunting her baby bump went viral on social media. Some actresses tend to share themselves and some their friends and team members. Another such picture has now been caught on the internet, where pregnant Anushka Sharma is seen posing with her group. This picture of Anushka is very much liked by her fans.

Anushka likes her style in the photo Anushka shared this photo with her hairstylist from her Instagram account. While sharing the photo, her hairstylist wrote in the caption – ‘It looks like a normal hospital.’ But if seen, everyone will be deceived once this photo is taken on a shooting set or taken in a hospital.

In the photo where Anushka is seen with her team in PPE kit, Anushka is seen in a pink shoulder dress. In the picture, Anushka is fooling her intelligent baby bump. Earlier, the actress’s hairstylist shared another picture of her. It has been seen that she is doing the makeup of the actress. The photo shows Anushka Sharma and a makeup brush on the table.


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