Petition in Delhi High Court: Censor board for filmless songs, because – obscene language of such songs incites women to pornography

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  • A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court to form a body to regulate non-film songs available on the internet with vulgar content.

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8 hours ago

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An application has been filed in the Delhi High Court for the formation of a body or body that can screen and ban all non-film songs with obscene content on the internet with immediate effect. A bench of Justice DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh on Wednesday issued notices to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It has directed to investigate the case before the hearing on May 17.

The petitioner has heard Tony’s songs and quoted Neha Kakkar and Hani Singh’s songs Sayan Ji and Makhna’s songs.

Regulatory agency demand
Not only that, RGT further said that non-film songs are available to people on media platforms like television, YouTube. A regulatory authority or censor board should be formed to censor, review and review their lyrics and videos. Obtaining a certificate in the public domain of similar non-film songs should be mandatory before availability.

Practicing lawyers Neha Kapoor and Mohit Vadu have filed the petition. It says that if such content is not regulated, we will lag behind in terms of gender equality. Also, we cannot give women a safe environment.

The song incites obscenity from women
The petition states that such songs encourage people to abuse women, to incite them and to commit other crimes, including drug and alcohol abuse. Which is clearly used in their songs. It has a wide impact on society. Especially young people, who are in regular contact with them. His raw age is easily ruined.

The songs are against women’s rights and protection
Such content is adversely affected by the public, especially the youth, as a regulatory board urgently needs to ban such songs as they are distributed in society without any restrictions. These songs provoke women to embarrass them by saying offensive things. This content is against the rights of women in a free and fair society.

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