“People refused to work with me on anyone’s instructions,” said Vivek Oberoi, a victim of lobby culture in Bollywood.

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According to Vivek Oberoi, Bollywood has always had a lobby, which has influence and power in a huge way. They have used it to enrich and benefit themselves. In an interview, the 44-year-old actor said he himself has been a victim of this lobby culture.

“When people said – sorry I can’t work with you”

Vivek says, “I saw the time when people said to me, ‘Sorry man, I can’t work with you, because XYZ forbids us to do this, how can you abuse them.’

‘Letting lobby stand out’

According to Vivek, he had long ago tried to stand up against this lobby approach. However, he did not get any support then. “I stood up against the system and said it was not unfair and cool. But it was premature and I didn’t find anyone. I had to pay for it,” he said.

Vivek added, “Then I decided that the right way to live is to separate myself from all this. I decided that I would not be a part of this circus. I just kept making good movies. Either become a crook or a guardian. Your nature changes. I have taken another path.

Vivek was snatched after a fight with Salman

Vivek Oberoi did not name anyone in the interview. The case relates to the 2003 incident when he held a press conference against Salman Khan. At the press conference, Vivek said that Salman called him 41 times from 12:30 am to 5 am on March 29, 2003. He was threatened with death and sexually abused.

Vivek said on Farah Khan’s show ‘Tere Mere Beach Main’ that his career was ruined the night after the incident. Several filmmakers fired him from the film. The amount of signatures was withdrawn. He was even barred from appearing at an awards show and his award was given to another actor.

Salman had a Salman-Vivek fight with Shwarya Rai

Salman and Vivek had a fight with Shwarya Rai. In fact, Salman was dating Salman during the shooting of ‘Hum Dil De Chuk Sanam’. However, after seeing his behavior, he got annoyed with her and broke up with her. Salvarai died.


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