People put their fingers in their ears, listening to Dhinchak Pujo’s new song, funny mimes viral

Dhinchak Puja is under discussion again because of his strange songs. Photo courtesy – Video Grab

People don’t like the new song ‘Rose Rose Kam’ of Inchak Puja (Inchak Puja) at all. Users have been sharply critical of this song. Mimes has been published on social media.

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Mumbai Former Bigg Boss contestants Pooja Jain (Dhinchak Pooja) and Salman Khan (Salman Khan) with his songs Dhinak Pooja is also driving him crazy in his songs. He continues to dominate social media due to his voice and strange songs like ‘Selfie Main Le Liye Aaj’, ‘Pink Scooter’ and ‘Nach Ke Pagal’. Recently, he came to the headlines again, the new song of Dhinchak Puja has been released recently, which he has shared information on social media. As soon as people get this information, mimes come out on social media.

Dhinchak Puja (Dhinchak Puja) Due to his strange song, Dhinchak Puja’s new song ‘Rose Kam Kam’ has become a topic of discussion on social media. Our work from morning till night is shown in this song. Lyrics of the new song
We get up in the morning, we brush
We eat again, then we go, we cook, we drink it, we drink it
We take a bath, then we are ready. You also listen to this new song-

Dhinchak Pujo doesn’t like this song at all. Users have been sharply critical of this song. The memes have been published on social media, with some pointing fingers at others, while others saying listen to your risks.

Pooja released this song on 9th October, the song has been viewed 100,042 times so far.

I tell you that during the lockdown due to Corona, he came up with a song. The song ‘Hoga Na Coroner’ also went viral on social media. Before the corona virus, Dhinchak Pujo’s ‘Afrin’, before Pujo’s ‘Swag Wali Tofi’, ‘Daru Daru Daru’ songs have made many headlines. Pooja is very active on social media and continues to share her pictures.


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