Payal Ghosh’s ongoing girlfriend debate – Ali Fazal will not marry Richa Chadha this year – ‘I will always support him’

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  • Ali Fazal has said he will not marry Richa Chadha this year in the ongoing controversy with Payal Ghosh’s girlfriend. “I will always support him,” he said.

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Ali Fazal and Richa Chada, who got married this year, are keeping regular silence on the news of their marriage. Ali’s denial this year after the first lockdown and then the death of Ali Fazal’s mother are being postponed.

During a recent conversation with Pinkbilla, Ali said of marrying Richa, “I must not get married in a year that has two zeros and two.” We will wait for next year. For me this year, Mirzapur 2 is the only good thing that will keep people away from the poison of social communication. Richa and Ali will tie the knot in April, for which both took court wedding dates even though the lockdown and epidemic could not lead to the wedding.

I will always be for Richar: Ali

Recently, actress Pawel Ghosh had lodged a sexual harassment complaint against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. In this case, Payal dragged Richa to Chada and said something very insulting to him. In response, Richa also filed a lawsuit against Payal. In this regard, Ali Ali now said, ‘I am glad that a man can be feminist and strong at the same time. We should always stand up for the people we love and determine that society is getting better. We will try and stand up for everyone. Richa is very close to me and of course I will stand by her in everything.

Let us tell you that Payal Ghosh accused Anurag during an interview given to the news channel that he was trying to force him so that he does not feel comfortable. At the time, Payal, naming Mahi Gill, Richa Chada and Huma Qureshi, said that these actresses feel comfortable doing such work with passion. Richa reacted by hearing this and filed a defamation suit against him for Rs 1.1 crore.


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