Payal Ghosh will complain against those who complain against him, Bollywood is full of fools and illiterate people.

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Actress Pawel Ghosh, who had alleged rape against Anurag Kashyap, is now preparing to take legal action against those who deny the allegations without knowing the truth. The actress wrote in her tweet, “I am going to file a complaint against the people who gave the verdict without knowing the truth. Be prepared to be summoned when.

‘Bollywood is full of illiterates’

Pawel wrote in the next tweet, “Bollywood is full of stupid and illiterate people. They believe the same thing that fits in their program You but Payal did not name anyone directly in his tweet.

Kashyap raped in 2013?

On September 22, Payal Ghosh filed a rape case against Anurag Kashyap at the Versova police station. She alleges that Anurag raped her in 2013 at a place on Curry Road in Versoir. On October 8, Anurag Kashyap was interrogated for about 24 hours in the case.

Chitranayak told the police that all the allegations of Pawel were false and baseless. There is absolutely no truth in them. This is a conspiracy against me. However, the police could not give any answer when asked who and why the conspiracy would be hatched against them.

Bollywood celebrities for passion

Many Bollywood celebrities supported Anurag Kashyap after Payal Ghosh’s allegations. In her tweet, Tapsi Pannu described Kashyap as the biggest feminist. At the same time director Anubhav Sinha indirectly accused Payal Ghosh of abusing the #MeToo campaign.

In his tweet, Surveen Chawla called Payal an opportunist without naming him. Tisha Chopra said that whether she is a woman or a man, she is the biggest supporter of talent.


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