Payal Ghosh refuses to take legal notice of Richa Chadha, stays at Oshiwara police station till 2pm, but FIR could not be lodged

A month ago

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Richa Chada sent a legal notice to Payal Ghosh on Monday.

  • Richa Chada said on Twitter that he had sent a fake copy of the notice to Payal Ghosh
  • Richard’s boyfriend Ali Fazal supported him and wrote that he was proud of him.

Payal Ghosh, who had alleged sexual harassment against Anurag Kashyap, has refused to accept Richa Chadha’s legal notice. Richa shared this information through her social media account. “A soft copy of the legal notice has been delivered to Miss Ghosh. My man went to her house to give her the hard copy, which he / she refused to take,” he wrote. On the other hand, Payal stayed at Oshiwara police station around 2 am on Monday. However, no FIR has been lodged against Anurag yet. Today he can do this FIRT.

In this case Richard communicates

Payal has complained against Anurag Kashyap that 2014-1. In the year he tried to force a relationship with her. He claimed that after the protest, Anurag told him that many actresses, including Richa Chada, Huma Qureshi and Mahi Gill, were comfortable with him.

What did Richa write in the legal notice?

Richa wrote in her legal notice that she wanted justice for every woman. But no woman can be tortured by her freedom to make baseless, non-existent, false and baseless allegations against another woman. According to Richar, he has begun the process of taking legal action.

Ali Fazal came to rescue Richa

Richa Chadha is supported by her boyfriend Ali Fazal. She shared Richard’s legal notice, writing, “My love, you stand up for women again and again. Today, kindness and compassion touch people’s hearts.”

According to Ali, Richa has always fought for an egalitarian society. No one hated his courage. Ali was proud of Richa in his post and said he would always raise his voice for the lost women of patriarchal society.

Ali wrote, “I believe every voice should be heard. I believe in dissent. But I also believe in truth and justice. I am in favor of freedom of speech. But with responsibility. I believe we need to empower women. I am always with you.”

Ali finally wrote, “I am not doing this today because you are my partner. Rather I am saying that people like you make the world better We need you. I love you Always always be with you.” “


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