Payal Ghosh, ready to withdraw the statement and apologize, added Richar’s name in an interview with Kashyap.

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Mumbai14 days ago

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Richa Chada (left) sent a legal notice to Payal Ghosh (right) two weeks ago, which Payal refused to take.

  • According to Payal Ghosh, Anurag told him that actresses like Richa Chada, Huma Qureshi and Mahi Gill feel comfortable with him.
  • “No woman has the right to make baseless and false accusations against another woman,” Richa Chada said in an official statement.

In an interview, Payal Ghosh, who was facing defamation suit for linking actress Richa Chad’s name with actor Anurag Kashyap, agreed to apologize. During an online hearing on Monday afternoon, lawyer Nitin Satput said Payal was ready to apologize when he retracted his statement. The court spoke to Richa Chad’s lawyer to determine the matter and asked him to submit a report by Monday. The next hearing in the case is set for Monday.

The court gave him time to think till 11 pm
Earlier, during the hearing on Monday morning, the court had asked actress Payal Ghosh’s lawyer Nitin Satputa whether the actress wanted an apology. Advocate Nitin Satpute argued that Payal had said this to Richa and that he was a follower of Richar. They said they had returned to Mumbai late at night so the court would give them some time to make a decision. The court gave him time till 3 pm on Wednesday to give his answer. A CD of his remarks was presented in court.

During the hearing, the court remanded Kamal. Khan’s lawyer Manoj Gadkari asked if his clients would apologize. He said he was out of the country and needed some time to respond. On this the court gave them time till Monday.

Richa has filed a million crore defamation suit

Actress Richa Chad has filed a defamation suit against actress Payal Ghosh for allegedly harassing producer Anurag Kashyap. It has demanded one crore in Payal. Richa alleges that in a TV interview Payal dragged her into a false case and insultingly presented her name. Earlier, the case was scheduled to be heard in October, but no one appeared in court for Payal Ghosh, after which the court adjourned the case today (October).

In addition to Payal Ghosh, Richa has hosted a party for film critic Kamal R. Khan and a news channel. A single bench of Justice Anil K Menon is hearing the appeal. Richa filed the petition in the court through senior advocate Birendra Tuljapurkar. All parties have been notified to submit their replies via email.

In this case, Payal drew the name of Richar
Rich said in the application that he was dragged into the lawsuit against the third person. The allegations against him are false. Payal claimed in his interview that Anurag had told him that actors like Richa, Mahi Gill, Huma Qureshi had sexually favored him and Anul had the same expectation from Payal.

Payal Ghosh said- I did not say this to Anurag Kashyap
Talking about Richard’s legal notice, Payal said in an interview that it was not what I said, it was Anurag Kashyap who told me all this. I said what affection told me. I don’t know those girls. Then why did I start taking his name. Who are they? There is no question of taking anyone’s name from me. Richa should ask Anurag why he named her?

Richard’s lawyer has issued an official statement

Earlier, Richa Chadha issued an official statement on behalf of her lawyer Sabina Bedi Sachar. In it he writes- Our client Richa Chada recently condemned the controversy and the insulting removal of her name in a complaint raised by a third party. However, our clients believe that women should get justice at all costs. There are laws that ensure that women stand in the same workplace and it also ensures that it is a friendly workplace where their dignity and self-respect are protected. No woman can use her freedom to make baseless, non-existent, false and baseless allegations against other women. Our client has started the legal process. Legal rights and remedies will be sought in their interest. “


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