Payal Ghosh has apologized unconditionally, Richa Chada has withdrawn the defamation suit

Actress Payal Ghosh and Richa Chada – Photo courtesy – @ IPamayalghosh / Therikchada / Instagram

Richa Chada had filed a defamation suit against Payal Ghosh last week for making ‘false, baseless, indecent and insulting remarks’.

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  • Latest version:October 14, 2020, 2:45 pm IST

Mumbai: Bollywood actresses Richa Chadha and Pawel Ghosh told the Bombay High Court on Wednesday that they had settled their dispute and agreed to terms, under which Ghosh Chadha withdrew the statement against him and apologized. Significantly, Richa Chada last week filed a defamation suit against Ghosh for making “false, baseless, obscene and insulting remarks” as well as seeking compensation as compensation.

Pawel Ghosh had brought charges of sexual harassment against film director Anurag Kashyap and also named two women, including Richa Chada, in the case. Payal Ghosh’s lawyer Nitin Satpute told Justice AK Menon that both the parties had settled the dispute by mutual consent and had filed an appeal in the matter.

Actress Pawel Ghosh said in the promise note that she has apologized for withdrawing her statement against Richa Chadha. Satput told the High Court that both the parties had agreed that they would not sue each other in the matter and no money would be demanded as compensation. At the same time, Richa Chad’s lawyers Birendra Tuljapurekar and Sabina Bedi also said that the matter has been resolved. Justice Menon accepted this and dismissed the case against Ghosh.

Let us tell you that Payal named Richar in one of his interviews, where he said that Anurag Kashyap told him that many more actresses including Richa are comfortable with him.


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