Payal Ghosh attacks those who defended Anurag Kashyap – it looks like they have removed the business mother, sister, wife, daughter

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  • Payal Ghosh has targeted Anurag Kashyap supporters, saying they look like they have already committed their mother, sister, wife and daughter to the business.

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Payal Ghosh has sharply targeted those who are defending Anurag Kashyap in their rape case. The actress wrote in her latest tweet, “Those who are trying to save Anurag Kashyap feel that they have taken their mother, sister, wife and daughter into this business and they think it is prevalent in Bollywood.”

This response was given after a user’s tweet

A Twitter user by the name of Vivek Tiwari has targeted Payal Ghosh by sharing a screenshot of his two-year-old tweet. Tiwari wrote in his tweet, “The tweet that Payal Ghosh easily deleted.” Payal wrote in his tweet two years ago, “No one here rapes anyone. They try to take advantage of you. If you don’t mind, go back. There’s no need to do so much drama.”

Payal is accused of raping Anurag

On September 22, Payal Ghosh filed a rape case against Anurag. He alleges that Anurag raped him in 2013 at a place on Curry Road in Versoir. Anurag Kashyap was interrogated for about 24 hours in the case on October 8, in which he described the allegations as baseless. He called it a conspiracy against himself.

Anurag Kashyap will take legal action

According to reports, Anurag Kashyap is preparing to take legal action against Payal Ghosh. He is said to have collected evidence of his innocence so far, and he has succeeded. According to the report, if Payal fails to prove his allegations, his difficulty may increase further.


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