Payal asked the president to intervene in the sexual harassment case against Anurag, saying the accused was highly influential and no progress was being made in the investigation.

8 days ago

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Actress Payal Ghosh has written a letter to President Ram Nath Kobind seeking intervention in the case against Anurag Kashyap. Payal shared a copy of the letter on his Twitter account on Monday. In it, Payal said the case against Anurag was not being properly investigated. He demanded justice from the President and said he should intervene in the case.

Defendants are moving around unhindered, I am moving from rate to rate

“I am a victim and I have filed a rape case with the Versova police station,” he wrote in a letter. The accused called me to his house to give me some work in the film industry. Then he committed a heinous crime with me. I lodged a complaint with the police on September 22, but no progress has been made in the investigation so far. The accused is a very influential person and that is why the police officers are not arresting him. I would like to say that if the poor person had committed a crime, he would have been arrested immediately. Police arrested him on the same day. However, in my case the accused is influential and he is moving freely. And, despite suffering, I am knocking on every door for justice with folded hands. In this situation I am asking you to intervene in my case and help me get justice.

Payal will apologize on certain conditions in the case of defamation

Meanwhile, in the defamation case against Pawel, his lawyer has submitted his reply in the High Court today. The case was filed by Richa Chada. Pawel’s lawyer said the actress was ready to apologize to Richar on certain conditions. Earlier, Pawel’s lawyer said he was ready to apologize. However, Payal denied this on Twitter on the same day.


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