Pawel Ghosh, who accused Anurag Kashyap of rape, said – I am afraid of death, if I can muster enough courage I must understand

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  • Payal Ghosh, who had alleged rape against Anurag Kashyap, said many years later, “I could not forget that incident, I started getting mentally ill.

A month agoAuthor: Jyoti Sharma

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  • Pawel claims- I have evidence, the case is strong and I can prove it
  • Said in the interview- My sister and I have all supported Kangana, she is very brave

Actress Payal Ghosh is in the news after allegations of sexual harassment were made against Anurag Kashyap. Payal complained to Anurag that in 2014 he tried to force a relationship with her. He has forced himself too badly. PMO India, Narendra Modi please take action and show the country the monster hidden behind this creative man.

On Tuesday, Payal lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Anurag at the Versova police station in Mumbai.

What is the story behind this 32-year-old case, why did Payal remain silent for so many years and why was it suddenly revealed, Daily Bhaskar spoke to Payal Ghosh for a long answer to all these questions. The whole story in the same conversation, Payal’s own story …

Pael Ghosh – This is about 2013, I didn’t know Anurag Kashyap personally, he was my Facebook friend. Back then my manager used to run my Facebook account because I wasn’t very active on social media. My manager spoke to her via Facebook chat and arranged an appointment.

One day I went to meet him at his Aram Nagar office. They then called me inside their office and asked my manager to sit at the reception outside. They were talking on the phone when I went inside. He was constantly looking at me with the wrong eyes as he spoke about the photo shoot in English accent. Then I thought this is how the industry is.

After a while when I started to feel a little weird, I started talking about the Jersey movie. Anurag was still talking to someone else on the phone, he wasn’t even listening to me, so I didn’t understand why he called me and put me inside.

A few days after this incident Anurag called me to his Versova home. When I went there, they also provided me with food and talked about their achievements, also about my struggles.

Such a normal conversation was going on. It’s half past one. The clock struck and I had to leave my driver at 9:40 in the morning, so I told Anurag, Sir, it’s too late, I have to leave my driver too, so I should leave now. I didn’t feel bad then. All things were normal.

The next day he called me again and asked me what I was doing so I didn’t say anything sir. So he said, “Okay but you come, let’s meet.” I remember when I first went to see him in his office, he was still drinking and smoking cigarettes, there was something else with the cigarette that had a strange smell.

That day when I came to see him again, he took me to another room which was very small. In the library-like room, there were video cassettes and some books, a sofa, a table and a TV.

There he abused me and when he saw that I was very uncomfortable he started naming other actresses so that I would be ready.

Not all the names I have mentioned in the past have crossed my mind. He took the names of all those actresses that day and all the things I posted and wrote were with Anurag Kashyap somewhere with me that day.

I left myself immediately after this incident, because I did not think that something like this could happen. I have never met him since, but we have had massages on WhatsApp many times.

He repeatedly asked me to come but I never went to see him. At the time, I was also afraid that Bollywood was a big name and if I wanted to do something I would spoil them but I would definitely get stuck.

After that I forgot about this incident and tried to move on. But even after many years I could not get out of my mind and because of this I started to feel mentally ill.

Then I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. My reason was that I was very young when this happened, but after working in Bollywood and living in Mumbai, I felt that I could speak out against them now.

When I told my sister and some close friends about it, everyone told me that these are very big people. If you really want to take action, you get stuck. Your career will end.

First of all, if anyone knew about this incident, he was my director. The next day I told him the whole story.

He said we would lodge a police complaint in this regard. When I told my manager about it, he was very angry, but then I said we need to think calmly and then we told him to keep quiet.

But when we saw that he was in favor of Me Too Movement and supporting Tanushree Dutt on social media, he decided to bring out his true face. He has a different look in front of people who respect women very much and stand up for them but what kind of wrong he does behind the door. It can only be known to those who are aware of it or who have been wronged.

I feel very calm when I complain to the police about this and tell you (the media) because I have been trying to control this incident for the last years and trying to make sure I should forget it, but I couldn’t do it and now my voice I picked it up.

When I talk to my family members they are conservative thinking. When I first came to Mumbai from Kolkata, my family did not like my work and this place at all, but when they saw that I was working hard and doing something good, my father started supporting me.

But when this incident comes to light, then relatives or villagers, they think I am a wrong girl. He behaves badly and asks dirty questions. But when my father found out that something bad had happened to me, he stood by me, which gave me strength.

I am now telling everyone that when things like this happen to you and you miss it, you fall into despair. When my anxiety attack started, I showed it to the doctor. They asked me what happened? Give the exact reason, there is something inside you that is causing the problem. You are in too much pain which is why you have it.

I can’t commit suicide because people will say I did it because of it, because of it. I am afraid of death and he who is afraid to die cannot commit suicide. I can fight but I can’t die and if something like this happens to me it will be because of someone else, that’s why I say it again and again.

I also had a Facebook wall post at the time where I scolded this famous director very angrily, but then my parents and brother also deleted him and said that this tweet was for the industry and I was forced to do it.

We come from a good family in Kolkata. I’m in a family where girls can’t give a voice, even if someone reads it and doesn’t let it work. My upbringing took place in an environment where, apart from my father and brother, my sister also said that if there was a famous stage in her family, it would not be ruined.

I haven’t met Anurag since that incident. Anurag took a chance with me and I rejected him and after that he never even went to ask for a job because if he goes again he will think I am ready for him.

See when Kangana has raised her voice, people are doing it for publicity. Even then, my sister and I all support Kangana. If I had an accident today, I had so much trouble getting out, how much happened to him.

Anurag Kashyap is no small person, his lobby is so big, then putting his hands on the vest is not such a small thing. If I had the courage to talk so much, I would have realized that I did everything at my own risk. Any woman opens her tongue only when she thinks she can no longer bear the pain.

You see, there is some, of course, evidence that somehow my case is very strong and I can prove it. He also blocked me on WhatsApp, but I had another handset at the time, whose data we need to recover, and when all these things come out, the people who are supporting him today as his friend will also remain silent. I am sure that all this will lead to the final result. If I get the blessings of Lord Siddhivinayak, He will surely help me.


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