Pawel Ghosh seeks unconditional apology from Richa Chadha of Bombay High Court for removing posts from social media

Actress Payal Ghosh, who alleged that Anurag Kashyap had raped her, has apologized unconditionally to Richa Chaddar. The case was in the Bombay High Court on Wednesday. Where the court apologized to Pawel. The matter is now fully settled after Pawel’s move. Payal also promised in court that he would remove all posts against Richar on Twitter and other social media.

A bench of AK Menon has heard the case. In front of which Payal’s statement was recorded that he had made a compromise. Significantly, Richa claimed Rs 1.1 crore in compensation. It has also demanded permanent and interim relief.

Kamal and Khan were also involved in it
Richa also filed a defamation suit against Kamal and Khan. Richard’s lawyer said. Tuljapurkar said that based on Ghosh’s statement, news channel ABN Telugu should withdraw all reports against Richar. The channel has been advised that it will follow the court order.

Gave four weeks to answer
Another accused in the same case, Kamal R. Khan’s lawyer, told the court that he would not make any public remarks against Richard. The trial between Payal and Richar has ended, but the ANN is still fighting against Telugu and Kamal R Khan. The court gave both of them 4 weeks time.


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