Pawan Singh’s new song has caused a stir, people are watching the video again and again

New Delhi Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh is looking very different with his new song. His craze among his fans is such that with the release of the songs, the songs spread through social media. Her new song ‘Nayan Katari’ is getting rave view.

There has been shooting outside the country
Pawan lives in the hearts of millions of people through his Bhojpuri films and songs. People search their songs a lot on YouTube. People are liking this song of Pawan Singh which was released recently. This song has been shot outside the country. People are watching this song on YouTube a lot.

So far, the video has received around 6 lakh views. This song is written by Azad Singh. The music was composed by Sajan Mishra and Azad Singh.

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Famous for action
This song has been published on ‘Yasi Film Bhojpuri’ YouTube channel. Pawan Singh is one of the big stars of Bhojpuri cinema. He is considered as the action hero of Bhojpuri films. Yet he has also made many hit romantic films.

You can also see Pawan Singh’s song going viral …

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