Pattar Chitar: Great romance between Pawan Singh and Akshar Singh, dance to Bhojpuri songs

Bhojpuri Song by Pawan Singh and Akshar Singh (Photo Credit – 7 Wave Music / YouTube Video)

Bhojpuri songs (Bhojpuri songs) of Pawan Singh and Akshar Singh are going viral through social media.

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  • Latest version:November 1, 2020, 12:37 pm IST

Mumbai The stardom of Bhojpuri stars is increasing day by day. This is why many Bhojpuri songs are seen trending on social media. Speaking of actor Pawan Singh, he is considered as the action hero of the industry and the king of romance. Recently, an old song (Bhojpuri song) by Pawan Singh has been seen trending. In this song, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is seen dancing and romancing with him.

This Bhojpuri Seeing the bold performance of the characters in the song, everyone is being cast on him. At the same time, Pawan Singh is also giving him tough competition. Recently, this trendy Bhojpuri song is from the super hit movie ‘Sarkar Raj’. Although all the songs in this film were well liked, one of its songs ‘Peter Chitra’ got a lot of love from the audience. This song is old but so far it has been seen to be viral on social media. Watch Kajal Raghavani and Pawan Singh’s romantic song here-

How much people like this song, it is estimated that this video has been viewed 20,970,918 times so far. This means that more than 2 crore people have watched this Bhojpuri song. Let me tell you that at one time Pawan Singh’s pairing with Akshar Singh was the most common in the Bhojpuri industry. Since their relationship ended in a very bad twist, the two have not worked together since.


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