Parineeti Chopra may get married soon, admit yourself

There were regular reports about Parineeti Chopra dating Charit Desai, the assistant director of ‘Agnipath’. Charita was seen at a private party of Parineeti’s sister Priyanka. However, no explanation was found for the consequences.

Not ready to talk

Parineeti Chopra is currently busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Kesari’. During the promotion, uninterrupted questions were also asked about her love life. Parineeti recently told the Times of India, ‘If I can be honest, I’m not ready to talk about my love life right now. In my opinion this is not the right time. Everyone will get information about my love life when the right time comes. People think I’m hiding things but there’s nothing like it.

What are you doing for wedding planning?The

This time when Parineeti was asked if she was planning to get married soon, she said, ‘Why not? But love is more important to me. I will get married only when I am fully prepared for it. No one should get married after seeing the age. This should be done as soon as you are mentally ready. If I’m mentally ready I can get married tomorrow, it won’t take me 5 years.


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