Paltan: The cast fee was not received even months after the release of the film!

Producer-director JP Dutt brought the film ‘Paltan’ last year. This film is produced by JP Dutt. It’s been 6 months since the release of this movie, but after so many days of being associated with the movie, a very shocking news is coming out. I have never heard such news related to JP Dutt before.

. Payment has not been made since the month

Six months after the release of JP Dutt’s ‘Paltan’, the film’s production team has yet to pay the actors and technicians who worked on the film. Spotboy reports that many actors, including star Gurmeet Chaitri, Siddhant Kapoor and Love Sinha, have not been paid fees since the film was released. Director JP Dutt’s daughter Nidhi promised that she would solve all the problems soon, but so far it has not happened. That being said, whenever money is asked about funding, the issue is avoided. Not only that, according to the report, G Studio has paid JP Dutt Films, but the fund has not yet returned the money to the public.

The film was co-produced by G Studio

Let me tell you, G Studio was a partner in this film. The amount allotted to him has been given to JP Dutt. The report revealed that actor Gurmeet A denied, “I have not been paid yet.” My staff fees were not paid.


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