Pakistani artist Ali Zafar’s Paresh Rawal took to social media

Tensions are high between India and Pakistan following the airstrikes. But in the meantime, actors from both the countries have also been seen fighting on Twitter. Both are seen standing firm for their country. But now, of course, a war of words has started between Paresh Rawal and Ali Zafar.

Paresh Rawal tweeted

Recently, when Pakistani artist Ali Zafar praised his Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech which he did after the Pulwama terror attack. Praising the speech, Ali Zafar tweeted, “What did Prime Minister Imran Khan say?” Shortly afterwards, Indian artist and MP Paresh Rawal tweeted. Paresh Rawal wrote, drawing Pakistani artist Ali Zafar, ‘and now speechless’.

300 The terrorists were killed

Let me inform you that Paresh Rawal made this tweet when the terrorist base at Balakot was demolished after entering the Pakistan border from India. The terrorists had a huge training camp at Balakot, which was destroyed by the Indian Air Force airstrikes in the early hours of the morning. About 300 terrorists were killed in the retaliatory action of the Indian Air Force.


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