Pael Ghosh appeared in a Bollywood flop movie, and entered the film world against the wishes of his parents.

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Actress Payal Ghosh is in the news after allegations of sexual harassment were made against Anurag Kashyap. Payal Ghosh shared his interview on Twitter and wrote, ‘He stressed himself very badly and very badly. Take the Prime Minister to India, Narendra Modi please take action and show the country the monster hidden behind this creative man. I know it can hurt me and endanger my safety. Please help. ‘ Anurag Kashyap has rejected his claim.

As soon as this issue came to the fore, the question arose in everyone’s mind who is Payal Ghosh. So let’s find out some information about them …

  • Pawel was born on 13 November 1969 in Calcutta.
  • He did Political Science Honors from Scottish Church College, Calcutta.
  • He entered the world of acting through the British TV movie Sharps Peril scene starring Shan Bin. She got a small role in this movie and went to her audition with her friend. In this film, she plays a village girl who is the daughter of a Bengali freedom fighter.
  • He later appeared in several Telugu and Kannada films including ‘Pranam’, ‘Varnadhare’ and ‘Mr. Rasal’.

Payal came to the film world against the wishes of his parents

  • According to reports, Pawel’s parents were not happy with the decision to enter the film industry, but the actress left Kolkata for Mumbai against her will.
  • Pawel entered the world of television in 201 television. She has been seen in the popular daily soap ‘Sath Nivana Sathya’.
Pawel has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Pawel has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

  • Payal made her Bollywood debut in 2017 with the romantic-comedy ‘Patel’s Punjabi Wedding’. The film also starred Shiv Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Bir Das and Prem Chopra. Directed by Sanjay Chel, the film stars Payal as Paresh Rawal’s daughter. The image proved to be a flop.
  • Talking about the film, Payal said, ‘I always wanted to make my Bollywood debut with a similar film. I wanted to play the girl next door image because the audience is able to easily connect with such characters. ‘
Payal has taken training from Kishore Namit Kumar's acting school.

Payal has taken training from Kishore Namit Kumar’s acting school.

  • Payal talked about working with Paresh Rawal, Pareshji played the role of my father in the film. Conversing with her onscreen and off-screen makes me feel like I’m talking to my real dad. I have the best bond with them.
  • Recently, when Paresh Rawal was appointed chairman of the National School of Drummer, Pawel posted a picture of him on Instagram, writing, “Many congratulations to Paresh Sir for playing my onscreen grandfather in Patel’s Punjabi wedding.” Another great break from your best career.


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