Pabitra Poonia narrates the story of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, saying- ‘I left her because …’

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In the video, Pabitra Punia says that she did not want to be a hindrance in Preetik’s career, so she decided to take part in Preetik. Pratik Shehjapal’s career had just begun and he did not want his career to be affected.

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Mumbai The privacy of all the contestants present in the house of Bigg Boss 14 is slowly coming to the fore. A video was recently shared on Colors’ official Instagram account. In which Aijaz Khan is seen talking to Siddhartha Shukla about his past. Now a video of Pabitra Punia is also going viral, where she is seen talking about a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Pritik Sahajpal (symbol Sahajpal). In this video, Pabitra says what was the reason for her break up with Pritik. The video shows Shehzad Deol and Jasmine Vasin talking to him.

The holy image in the video says that he did not want to be an obstacle in Preetik’s career, so he decided to break up with Preeti. Pritik’s career has just begun and he does not want his career to be affected. Pabitra says- ‘I knew I would be in your life, not yet your age. You have a lot of work to do. You are younger than me So you can understand nobility or understanding. Being with you was wrong for me, because I will stay positive and not let you work by disliking anything. ‘

“Before I came to the show, I found out that the media had reported that I had beaten him and kicked him out of my house at midnight,” she said. Although I have not removed. So that was my decision, which I also told him. Then we had a talk at midnight. Then he became very aggressive about all these things. He slapped his hand on the wall. Due to which blood started coming out from his hand. Why are you doing that His feelings were absolutely right, according to him.


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