Outside the actress’s house, the police team sought permission from Ranveer to stay with Deepika during interrogation at the NCB.

A month ago

According to Ranveer Singh, he is aware that according to the rules, he cannot take part in the interrogation with Deepika. However, they are seeking permission from the NCB.

  • Deepika Padukone arrived in Mumbai from Goa on a chartered flight on Thursday night, Ranbir himself came to pick her up
  • Ranveer argued that Deepika gets nervous quickly, so she should be allowed to be with him during interrogation.

Deepika Padukone will be questioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday. Just before that, the police had returned to Goa from Mumbai for police protection. According to reports, a team from Dadar police station has been deployed outside Beaumond Tower in Prabhadevi area, where Deepika and her husband Ranveer Singh live.

Ranveer wants to be with Deepika during interrogation

Meanwhile, news is coming that Deepika’s husband and actor Ranveer Singh has sought permission from the investigating agency to stay with his wife during interrogation. Ranveer has said in his application that Deepika sometimes panics. So they should be allowed to stay with him.

Ranveer said- We abide by the law of the citizens

According to reports, Ranveer was quoted in his plea that he was among the law-abiding people. He wrote that he knew that according to the rules he could not be present with Deepika during the interrogation. Yet they seek permission to be present inside the NCB office. So far there has been no response from the NCB.

Deepika reached Mumbai from Goa on Thursday night

Deepika Padukone arrived in Mumbai on a chartered flight from Gota on Thursday night. He was shooting there for his film directed by Shakun Batra. After being summoned by the NCB, Ranveer Singh himself reached Goa to pick him up. During this time, Ranveer was seen as Deepika Jhal all the time. He would sometimes hold her hand and sometimes hold her out of the media.

The first Friday was about the investigation

Deepika Padukone was scheduled to be questioned on Friday. However, due to the failure to test the Covid-19, it has moved forward one day. According to reports, Deepika will pass the Covid exam on Friday and will appear before the NCB on Saturday. Deepika’s name in the drug case comes after the revelation of her WhatsApp chat with her manager Karisma. In it, Deepika demanded hashish from Karisma.


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