Operators are awaiting state government approval to start multiplexes

Cinema Hall (Photo Credit – AFP)

Gautam Dutt, chief executive of PVR Multiplex, said only 14 state governments had allowed the multiplex to reopen. No instructions have yet been received from the Maharashtra government, where it operates the most screens.

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  • Latest version:October 11, 2020, 11:04 AM IST

New Delhi. The central government has issued guidelines for reopening cinema halls and theaters from October 15. Even then, its operators are awaiting approval from state governments to reopen the multiplex.

The central government has approved the reopening of cinema halls and theaters with 50 per cent power from October 15. The central government has also published the Standard Operating System (SOP) for this. Although the central government has given the state governments the authority to take the final decision in this regard.

Multiple companies, including PVR, Enix, Cinemapolis and Free Cinema, will resume operations on October 15 with 50% capacity to ensure social distance and communication-free operation. Get ready.

PVR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gautam Dutt said his company, which operates 875 screens in 22 states, will only be able to open 496 screens, as only 14 state governments have allowed multiplexes to reopen. The company has not yet received any instructions from the state government of Maharashtra, where it operates most of the screens. “Maharashtra is a very important market for us, which is the largest share of our screen share,” said Gautam Dutt.Cinemapolis CEO – Follow the instructions
Mexican movie theater chain Sinpolis says the company is fully prepared and will follow government-given guidelines. “We welcome the move by the central government,” said Debang Sampath, chief executive officer of Cinemapolis India. About 350 percent of our 350 screens will remain open. We are requesting approval from other state governments so that we can open the rest of the screen soon.

Subhash Ghai’s film production company Mukta Arts, which operates a multiplex chain under the ‘Mukta A to Cinemas’ brand, says it will be able to open about 40 per cent of the screens. Alox Tandon, CEO of INX Ledger, said, “We want to do something new through personal screenings where small groups of families or guests can make bookings throughout the auditorium and enjoy their desired content.”


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