One ballet dancer and two TV actresses arrested from Five Star Hotel, deal for Rs 10 lakh

41 minutes ago

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A high-profile sex racket has been leaked at a five-star hotel in Mumbai. According to reports, Mumbai police conducted the operation and arrested three women. One of them is being described as a dancer in Bollywood’s international ballet, and the other two are being claimed as TV actresses.

The ballet dancer has been charged with prostitution

According to News18, the ballet dancer has been accused of bringing Bollywood and TV actresses into the sex trade. It is said that he does business with these actresses in big hotels. Police have filed a case against the accused under the prostitution clause. It is said that the two actresses from the ballet dancer and TV serial had struck a deal to trade the hotel for Rs 10 lakh.

Police sent fake customers to the hotel

It was alleged that on Friday evening, the crime branch sent some members of its gang to a fake five-star hotel in Goregaon. These members met with sex racket traders there. When the issue of prostitution became very serious, the police conducted an operation and took the three women into custody from the spot.


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