On Twitter, #Shameanakshay Kumar has trended, accusing the film of promoting love-jihad

4 days ago

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After the advertisement of jewelery brand Tanshik, Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Lakshmi Boma’ is now accused of promoting love jihad. #ShameAnakshay Kumar trended on Twitter against the letter on Friday. Directed by Raghav Lawrence, the film stars Akshay Asif, who marries Hindu girl Priya (Kayara Advani).

Twitter users have made such comments

Supreme Court advocate Prashant Patel Umrao tweeted, “Shabina Khan is the producer of Kashmiri separatist ‘Lakshmi Boma’. Asif (Akshay) finds the ghost of Hijra Lakshmi wearing red sari. I don’t think of ghosts when Asif’s girlfriend Priya. Blame Akshay Kumar. “

Another Twitter user wrote, “I can’t believe that Akshay Kumar is also one of the clowns of Bollywood. I thought they were different now than others. Now they are promoting love jihad. Please

One user commented, “I don’t know why people call him a patriot.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Can you name ‘Lakshmi Boma’ ‘Salma Boom’? Fake patriot Akshay Kumar.”

One user commented, “Why boycott Lakshmi Boma? Movie Name: Lakshmi Boma (Insult and Defamation of Goddess Lakshmi), Actor Name: Asif, Actress: Priya (Silently Promoting Love Jihad), Case Against Arnab, Canadian (Akshay Kumar Canadian Citizenship) Kumar’s wife Riya Chakraborty is supporting. “

One user tweeted, “Akshay, we were with you. But for us, country and religion come first. Then the leader and the actor. We are ashamed that you went to court against R. Bharat and are acting in a film that encourages love jihad.” .

The film was released on November 2

The trailer for the film was released on October 19. Sharing this, Akshay Kumar writes, “Wherever you are, stop and get ready to watch the trailer of #LakshmiBomb, because Lakshmi is coming in the rain. #Yes Diwali LakshmiBombali.” It is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kanchana.

It was previously scheduled to release in theaters on May 22, 2020. However, due to the epidemic lockdown of Corona, it went ahead. The film will now air on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar on November 9th.


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