On the ninth night of Amrita Rao’s pregnancy, the baby’s bump spread in a beautiful video

Amrita Rao (Photo credit – িতাAmita_Rao_Insta / Instagram)

Pregnant Amrita Rao shared a beautiful video on the occasion of Navratri on her social media account. Also, she flaunted the baby bump.

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Mumbai Nowadays Bollywood actress Amrita Rao is pregnant and Amrita is enjoying her beautiful episode. Evidence of which can be found on Amrita’s social media account. In the past, cute pictures of pregnant Amrita Rao with husband RJ Anmal went viral. At the same time, on the occasion of Navratri, Amrita shared the topics of the beautiful period of her pregnancy. She said that she is nine months pregnant and this month has become special because Navratri is also going on. Amrita shared a beautiful video and floated Baby Bump.

Amrita Rao Shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video, Amrita is seen wearing a red sari. Amrita Rao is bumping a wonderful baby in this sari. At the same time, the aura of pregnancy is clearly visible on Amrita’s face. Obviously Amrita looks very beautiful and this video of her shows how much she is enjoying during her pregnancy. Watch this beautiful video of Amrita here

Sharing this video, Amrita wrote- ‘Navratri is nine months away !! My favorite instinct, I feel blessed in the ninth month of pregnancy in the month of Navratri. These nine days are dedicated to Mother Durga and her nine incarnations. I feel myself in a new episode of being a mother incarnation. I bow my head to the highest female power of this Brahmin ‘. He further wrote- ‘Bless Mother Durga, all mothers and future mothers with the power that whatever incarnation comes in the right to be a mother, they can follow them. Happy #Navabrati to everyone on Ashtami.


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