On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Amrita Rao, who is in her ninth month of pregnancy, said, “Now I am going to incarnate myself as a mother.”

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  • On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, during the 9th month of Amrita Rao’s pregnancy, it was said, ‘Now I will be the mother incarnate myself’

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Amrita Rao, who has been a part of many great films like Ishq Bishk, Viva, and Mai Hoon Na, is going to welcome this guest soon. The actress and her husband Anmal are very excited to be parents for the first time. The actress is in the ninth month of her pregnancy on the special occasion of Navratri, which is a blessing for her.

Recently, pregnant Amrita Rao shared a video with Baby Bump from her Instagram account. Including this video, when Navratri is in the ninth month, the actress wrote, ‘Navratri and 9 months. My dear, I consider myself blessed to be in the 9th month of pregnancy on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. These 9 days have been dedicated to Mother Durga and her 9 incarnations and I myself am going to enter a new phase of mother incarnation. I bow to the highest power of women in this world because I surrender with firm faith. ‘

Further, the actress writes, ‘Mother Durga makes every mother and every woman a mother and gives every holy incarnation more power to keep the arrival of motherhood. Eighth congratulations to all of you. ‘

Amrita married RJ Anmal in 2014. These two days are spending quality time together. In an interview, Amrita said that her husband was taking care of her during her pregnancy. Talking to Daily Bhaskar, Anmal said that he knew about Amrita’s pregnancy during regular blood checkups, which he was very happy to hear. “I had to have my blood group checked,” said RJ. During this time we also did blood tests for nectar. When the report came, it was found out that she was pregnant. The lockdown was announced just a week after the news broke. We had the opportunity to spend time with it.


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