On December 13, Dimple claimed to have seen Sushant and Riya together and told the CBI – don’t tell lies that are not evidence.

10 days ago

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It’s been 5 days since Rhea was released. Now he and his team are opening a front against all those who have made many demands on Riya and Sushant. The first of these is Riya Ki Padosan Dimple Thawani. Advocate Satish Manashinde issued a statement saying that he was the first to reveal what he had told Dimple.

Choose to say what you want to change

Read the statement of Manshinde- I have already said that once Rhea gets bail and if she gets out of jail we will take action against those of us who have disappointed Rhea and destroyed her life and morale for a chance for 2 minutes in electronic media. Tried to. One of them is rear neighbor Dimple Thawani, who claims to be a fan of Sushant. Dimple further said that she is Sushant’s soul mate because of her previous birth. He claims that someone told him that Riya had come to leave Sushant’s house on June 13. It is a baseless rumor that the fan spread because of the media circus. He also wanted to come to the limelight and wanted Sushant to know that the statement of that fan was recorded by CBI today. And you will be happy to know what he said to the CBI in his statement. I will ask all honest journalists to go to him now and record what he is saying. Satyamev Jayate.

Dimple has given a statement to the CBI

Rear Neighborhood Dimple recorded his statement to the CBI on Sunday. He said he had not seen Riya Sushant, anyone else had. He is not going out because he does not feel comfortable. Dimple said she did not know where the man had seen the two. The CBI has warned Dimple that any lying is not evidence.


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