OMG: Kareena Kapoor Khan has responded to trolls about short dresses, read on

Whenever fashion is discussed in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan is definitely mentioned. Kareena has focused on her fashion from the beginning. Which is why many fans of Kareena follow her fashion. Apart from fashion, Kareena is famous in Bollywood for her strong acting. Recently, Kareena arrived on Arbaaz Khan’s talk show ‘Quick Hill Pinch’. Where the actress has been seen as out of style. Apart from this, Kareena has also revealed a lot here.

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During the show, Arbaaz Khan asked Kareena many interesting questions. Where there were some weird questions from the actress, where Kareena gave amazing answers. During the discussion, Arbaaz Khan gave Kareena a list of some of the questions that Kareena is trolling on social media. In this list it was written that “the richer the people, the less clothes they wear.” Kareena Kapoor responded to the troll in a funny tone, saying, “We save money.” “Listening to Kareena, Arbaaz Khan said that this is probably the reason why he is rich.” In response to which Kareena said, this is why we spend on other things and not on clothes.

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Talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan’s picture, Kareena is currently busy shooting her picture Good News with Akshay Kumar. Apart from Akshay and Kareena, Diljit Dosandh and Kiara Advani will also be seen in the film.


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