OMG: Akshay did a picture with Ayushman, today an actor, security guard, Sabir reads the reality

Many people dream of working in film. However, few people are successful. If you are successful, you do not know how long your career lasted. Some similar stories are also named after Sabi Sidhu, also known as Trilochan Singh Sidhu, who acted in the film ‘Patiala House’. Trilochan Singh Sidhu has played a very important role in many big films. But nowadays his condition is not good. The Trilochan situation made him the protector of a building. Even after working on all the films, he lacks money.


Recently Savi Sidhu had his special talk about the film Companion Hindi that in his early days he met director Anurag Kashyap. Anurag then gave him a chance to work on his film ‘Five’ but the film was never released. After which Anurag also gave him a place in his film ‘Black Friday’. In this film, Savi Sidhu played the role of Commissioner Sam. Not only that, the actor said that he has also acted in Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Patiala House’.


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Not only that, Sidhu has also appeared in Ayushman Khurana’s film ‘Idiots’. During this exclusive interview, Sabi said that she wants to return to the world of film. But now they don’t have time and money to see new pictures. He is devastated by the deaths of family members over the past few years. Which is why he is now alone. He believes he will be back in the film very soon.


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