Nusrat Bhartucha had to clean and shake the dishes!

New Delhi: Glamorous actress Nusrat Bhartucha of ‘Par Ka Panchnama’ is currently busy shooting her photos. He was last seen with Prince Rao in ‘Chalong’. At the same time, another of his pictures ‘Ajib Dastans’ has also been published in OTT. But can you imagine that such a busy actress had to do the job of cleaning and tidying the dishes. Nusrat himself shared this fact with someone else.

Is to give a life

In fact, Nusrat Bhartucha has played his most unique role in the movie ‘Ajib Dastans’ till date. In it, she is playing the role of a makeup and pet woman. In a conversation with Tak today, Nusrat said that he himself did all the work like a med to bring his character back to life.

Don’t get these kinds of rolls

In this conversation, Nusrat said, ‘I like to play such a character but I don’t get such a role at all. I tell you that the Nusrat I saw in this film is without makeup and glamor. I like these kinds of serious roles because these roles give me the opportunity to showcase my skills as an actor.

Shake your house, wipe and wash dishes

Nusrat then said, ‘To be honest, I started sweeping, wiping and washing my house to prepare this roll. Because I wanted to feel the condition of a worker properly. In this film, I played the role of a worker named By Minal. My co-star Abhishek Banerjee and director Raj Mehta helped me to understand and learn the dialect of this character.

Lockdown work came

According to Nusrat Bharuchar, the lockdown episode was very effective in making this film better. After Kamalwali’s arrival was banned, why did Nusrat do all the housework by himself during that period?

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