Now streaming platforms have hit Kangana’s target, it said

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has now targeted the OTT platform, calling it a place of obscenity. His remarks came in the wake of a post on Eros Now on the occasion of Navratri, where several mimes have been prepared, including pictures of Ranbir Singh, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Tagging Eros, Kangana wrote from her verified Twitter account, ‘We must preserve cinema halls to keep communities filmable. It has become easier to make content obscene for personal viewing, on the other hand it has become very difficult to attract a larger audience than them. All of these streaming platforms have become porn hubs. Shameful.

The audience is also responsible
Kangana wrote in another tweet justifying the viewership of this kind of content (OTT content), ‘And it’s not just the fault of the streaming platform, when you watch any content sitting alone, with headphones in your ears, you instantly need satisfaction. The whole family, children and people in the neighborhood go to see the picture. It’s basically a community experience.

He further writes, ‘When we know that what we are seeing is being seen by someone else, it makes us aware. We try to be what we want to see ourselves in the eyes of others. We become very aware of things. It is important to connect your mind, emotions and your conscience as well.

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Kangana’s discussion has received a lot of support from the people. Social media users have also acknowledged that these streaming platforms have hurt the culture and feelings of the people of India.

Eros deleted the post after seeing people united on social media and posted an apology on his official Twitter account on Thursday.


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