Now Kangana herself defended the statement made by Pakistan

At least 40 brave soldiers have been killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. After which everyone started demanding strict action against the terrorists. When the IAF took action against Pakistani terrorists, Bollywood stars, including the general public, praised it. Kangana is one of them. He recently made a devastating speech to Pakistan, now he is seen defending himself.

Kangana is defending her statement

Recently, Kangana Ranaut defended her controversial statement against Pakistan at the India Today Conclave, saying it was a comforting feeling. It is worth mentioning that everyone is dissatisfied with the 40 soldiers who were martyred in the attack on Pulwama today. After the attack, Kangana said that “sanctions against Pakistan are not the solution, but the destruction of Pakistan is the solution.” Asked about his remarks, he said, ‘I think it was a very comfortable feeling that we felt when we heard the shocking incident. It was probably the most barbaric and the most inhumane. This incident will always remain as a deep wound to our conscience.

You cannot be a slave to the mind

Kangana further said, ‘You can’t be so much a slave to your own mind, don’t let your own thinking work at the moment and don’t think what the best answer might be? I should have thought about it.


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