No one was flogged or charged in the first tweet of the morning; Sensitive message by sharing favorite picture of parents

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Kangana shared this photo of her parents on Twitter.

  • Kangana shared a picture of her parents on September 19, reminding them of the love letter generation
  • After comparing PO with Mumbai on September 2, Kangana Ranaut was in a heated debate.

Kangana’s attitude seemed a bit soft on Saturday morning amid debates with Shiv Sena and Bollywood. She shared a picture of her parents on Twitter and wrote an emotional message in the caption. She wrote, “One of her parents’ favorite pictures was Mother Romance and wanted to take pictures and Papa found it strange Ha Haha Love love letters and eye-catching interest interesting to the generation.”

For the past 15 days, Kangana has continued to attack Shiv Sena and Bollywood. But the special thing is that Kangana, who has shown anger on this day, started her morning with a positive tweet. Kangana’s first 15 days of tweets are as follows:

On September 4, Kangana spoke about her yoga session in her first tweet message. He wrote that yoga is the most favorite time of his day.

On September 5, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Kangana shared a picture of her childhood and wrote, “Picture of my annual day, probably first class We We did a Healy show and received gifts from teachers. Many teachers in my life contribute directly and indirectly. My sincere gratitude. “

September In September, Kangana shared a 2014 photo and wrote, “Class of 2014. I was interested in screenwriting after Rani New I stayed in New York for a year and did a screenwriting course. About farewell my class girls to give a dinner treat to our dear Professor Golan Ramraj Decided. This moment was captured on that beautiful night. “

September In September, Kangana is reminded of her niece’s picture as her first fortune.

On September 7, Kangana shared a photo of the Ganges ghat in Banaras and wrote, “This picture is from Varanasi, where I am boating on the Ganges ghat. The outside view is very beautiful and I’m stuck on the phone.”

September 9th, was the first day that was associated with the Kangna controversy. He opposed blocking his entry into Maharashtra and followed in the footsteps of Rani Lakshmibhai.

On September 10, Kangana shared a picture of her Isha Sha Yoga Center and wrote, “This is one of my favorite pictures. This is a picture of my Ashram Isha Sha Yoga Center. Nothing was planned. It was clicked like this.” But somewhere it presents a beautiful transformation. . “

On September 11, Kangana shared a photo of her school days. The caption reads, “The mind is sharp and cunning. Emotions are stupid and subtle by nature. Don’t let your mind influence your feelings. Hold that tiny feeling inside your heart, take it away by reason and fear. It’s stupid and funny. No matter, that’s what will guide you. “

On September 12, Kangana shared a picture of her Somnath journey and noticed Shiv Sena without naming it. Kangana tweets: –

Kangana’s frustration was seen in the tweet for the first time on September 13 between the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra government. He wrote, “In the midst of this chaos, I often feel overwhelmed. Where am I? I don’t know. Life brings challenges to me and I try to face them. But the challenges continue. I give up all my life. But the chaos embraces me again. “

On September 14, Kangana shared a photo with a child and wrote, “Good morning boys, just an idea I think kids are able to think and feel more than we thought. If lost, I wonder what she is feeling!”

On September 15, Kangana shared a picture of her. She writes, “A woman’s tenderness and tenderness are often seen as her weakness. Never push anyone in such a way that she has nothing to lose. You just give them freedom, but most people don’t know that such people are not only dangerous but also deadly.” Rose.

On September 16, Kangana targeted Bollywood and called it toxic. Kangana writes, “Show business has always been poisonous. In this world of light and cameras, people start believing in it and start living. People start believing in an alternative truth and form a circle around them.” Strong to get out of this illusion. Spiritual strength is needed. “

On September 17, Kangana first tweeted to wish Prime Minister Narendra Modi a happy birthday.

On September 18, Kangana shared a photo and wrote, “My child”.


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