New talent: Hamid is desperate to bring new energy to the web and film world

There is a saying in English which means – ‘No dream comes true with magic rand. They are true with sweat, sacrifice and hard work. Hamid also believed in it and proved it with his sacrifice. Hamid is the name of a very talented and influential person who has been involved in making digital money since his junior college days. Despite having a small place like Vapi in Gujarat, Hamid himself dreamed of setting up his own company, which he realized through his own efforts as ‘Perfect Promotions’.

People say that nothing in the world is perfect, but Hamid overcame all obstacles to make his company ‘perfect’.

With very little resources, he started a digital advertising business at a young age, which soon brought him to the millennium line. After committed and hard work, he has reached a peak of success that everyone is proud of. Each job has its own challenges. In such a situation, the challenges of digital platform are not less and its biggest and most common challenge is to gain the trust of the people. Hamid made no effort to win the trust of his clients around the world and succeeded.

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Over the years, Hamid gained experience working with different talents from different cultures and through this he established himself as a great professional. Communication (communication) and coordination (coordination) are two things that are essential for the success of a digital business and Hamid is believed to have mastered these two things. In today’s era digital platforms dominate the world of entertainment and remain as people’s favorite medium for all kinds of entertainment. In such a situation, Hamid wants to try his hand in the world of web series. For this, they have formed an exclusive partnership with Adit Sasi. Both will implement the project by 2020. These web series will appear on well-known and popular platforms such as Amazon and Netflix.


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