New style of dreams: Swapna Chowdhury showed her glamorous avatar for the first time after becoming a mother, the pictures have gone viral on social media

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Haryanvi Singer and ‘Bigg Boss 11’ former contestant Swapna Chowdhury is active again after becoming a mother. She has lost her pregnancy weight and is back again. Sapna also did a photoshoot after the pregnancy which revealed a glamorous avatar which is gradually going viral.

Swapna was seen posing in a white pantsuit in a photoshoot. She applied bold metallic blue lipstick on her lips and white eyeliner on her eyes. Swapna complements her unique look with two hair bands. Swapna shared photos of the photoshoot on social media, thanking her team for the look. Tagged his team, “Thank you for the creative ideas and styling.”

Sapna got married secretly

Earlier, Sapna shared photos of her celebrating Karbachaut with husband Bir Sahu on Instagram which went viral. In October this year, Bir Sahu revealed on Facebook that he is married to Sapna and Sapna has also become the mother of a son. In January 2020, they were both secretly married at the temple. He said, “He could not share happiness with the fans because of the death in the family.”

At the same time, provoking the dream troll in the news of getting pregnant, she said that human interference in one’s personal life is not good at all. We are married to our will, so that people are not separated from it. ‘

Sapna was a part of Bigg Boss 11

After taking part in Bigg Boss 11, Swapna Chowdhury Chowdhury became famous all over the country. Even during the lockdown, he entertained fans with his Instagram videos. On the other hand, Veer has acted in many Haryanvi films and songs.

Many of Sponer’s videos trembled

Many dance videos of Sapna are trembling on the internet. Among his popular songs are ‘Tere Ankhin Kao Kajal’, ‘Solid Body’, ‘Chhota Buffalo Bara Bindas’. Sapna made her Bollywood debut while starring in the special dance number ‘Hut Ja Tau’ in the film ‘Bir’s Wedding’. He was later seen singing ‘Love Beat’ and ‘Tere Thamke Swapna Chowdhury’ in the movie ‘Nanu Ki Janu’ starring Abhay Deol.


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