New Literature Market for Content: New Trends in Storytelling from the Sea of ​​Literature, Bollywood-OTT Rights Competition

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Mumbai6 minutes agoAuthor: Manisha Bhalla from Mumbai

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The era of literature came back in contact with publishing, in film stories.

In India, the demand for basic ingredients is increasing due to the growing market of OTT (Top Over Stream). Stories of new, original, spontaneous, innocent, small village-town, crime thriller, suspense are the new market of OTT. For this, the producer-director has now started a new trend of taking stories from the sea of ​​literature without developing a lifeless story with two lines for the film writer.

There was a time when super hit movies like ‘Guide’, ‘Tisri Kasam’, ‘Servant’s Shirt’, ‘Chess Player’, ‘Rajnigandha’, ‘Sara Akash’ were the crop of literature. Faced with a lack of original and quality content, OTT and Bollywood are once again diving into the world of books and looking for great stories.

Books are becoming a great source of movie stories
Several producers-directors have recently taken over the rights to some of the books, and discussions are underway with the publishing houses of several production houses. Sources say that producer-director Anubhav Sinha has acquired the rights to Srilal Shukla’s novel ‘Ragdarbari’ for the first screen.

Netflix’s Tofit Film Share Director Abinash Das says he has recently acquired the rights to Nikhil Pradhan’s English novel ‘The Cold Truth’. According to him, the way the book rights are being taken, it can be said that books are becoming a big source of film story at the moment.

In 2024, India will become the sixth largest country in the world in terms of OTT.
Aditi Maheshwari, director of Vani Publishing, said that the production house in Mumbai had approached him for the book. These include novels by Manohar Shyam Joshi and Narendra Kohli. In addition to these, Vani published many novels in the horror series. Several of which have been investigated by production houses. Writer Geetashree is also writing a UP based story for the production house.

He says he was specifically asked for stories based in Uttar Pradesh. India is not only new to OTT, it is one of the fastest growing markets. In 2024, India will become the sixth largest country in the world in terms of OTT. A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) said that OTT’s business has expanded due to Covid and will continue to do so.

It is expected to reach 5 billion by 2024. There are currently 40 OTT platforms in the country. There are plenty of OTT platforms out there and they are in almost the same pipeline, so it also needs core content. Obviously, when the platforms are so high, the content is also needed, where the books will work.

Filmmakers who have taken the rights of everyone from ‘Jungle Competitor’ to ‘Baghi Balia’
Nilotpal Mrinal’s novel ‘The Dark House’, Shashikant Mishra’s novel ‘Anabasi Bihari’ and Satya Bass’s novel ‘Bugi Bolia’ have also been taken over. Alinda Maheshwari, director of Rajkamal Publishing, says that she has taken a lot of writing rights for the film, but it is better to announce it only in the production house.

According to Alind, the books in which the final discussion about the production house is almost over are – Mahasweta Devi’s novel ‘Jungle Ki Dawood’, Naveen Chowdhury’s ‘Janata Store’, Anuradha Beniwal’s ‘Azadir Mera Brand’, Abodhesh Preet’s ‘Ashok Rajpath’, Manoharshyam The novel ‘Kasap’

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