Neha Kakkar said to Rohanpreet, ‘You are mine’, Aditya Narayan said- ‘But why rob me on Goa beach?’

(Photo credit: Instagram / @Nehakakkar)

After Rohanpreet Singh’s (Aditya Narayan) Neha Kakkar’s relationship, Aditya Narayan also congratulated the two. Aditya also commented on this by sharing pictures of the two.

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Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh Marriage: Indian Idol 12 Judge and singer Neha Kakkar is in the news for her personal life these days. He recently shared a picture of himself with Rohanpreet Singh on his official Instagram account. With whom he has confirmed the relationship between her and Rohanpreet (Neha Kakkar dating Rohanpreet Singh). Neha Kakkar wrote in the caption of the photo – ‘You are mine, Rohanpreet Singh.’ Commenting on Neha’s photo, Rohanpreet wrote – ‘Babu, I love you so much. My darling, my darling. Yes, I’m not just your mother. ‘

Aditya Narayan (Aditya Narayan) congratulates the two after Neha Kakkar’s relationship with Rohanpreet Singh. Aditya also shared photos of the two and wrote about it and wrote- ‘Neha Kakkar and Baby Bro who have now become handsome men’. However, Aditya Narayan has also made harsh comments on the news of dating Neha. In this film, Aditya writes- ‘But why did the people of Goa snatch me in the middle. You stole well

Aditya Narayan

(Photo credit: Instagram / @AdityanarayanoFocial)

In fact, Aditya Narayan is the host of Indian Idol. In such situations, he is often seen flirting with show judge Neha Kakkar. Not only that, both parents arrived at the show. Where the issue of marriage was discussed. However, the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; However, the relationship between the two was certainly discussed. On top of which now Aditya Narayan himself has taken the pinch. At the same time, Rohanpreet and Neha also responded to Aditya’s wishes.


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