Neha Kakkar met Rohanpreet’s family, the video went viral

New Delhi: Neha Kakkar is in the news these days for her marriage and relationship with Rohanpreet Singh. He recently shared a video of himself holding Rohanpreet by the hand.

The video is of the first meeting of Rohanpreet’s family
Sharing this video, the Bollywood singer said that Rohanpreet took him to introduce him to his parents for the first time. A picture related to this special event before the video also went very viral, saying that it was a picture of Neha and Rohanpreet breaking up.

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In the video, Rohanpreet Singh (Rohanpreet Singh), Neha Kakkar is seen holding hands. A bag of lots of gifts is visible on Neha’s lap. Sharing this video, Neha Kakkar wrote, ‘The day he introduced me to his parents and family. Lots of love Rohanpreet .. ‘

More than 1.2 million views
This video of Neha Kakkar has been viewed more than 12 lakh times so far. Rohanpreet Singh has also commented on this video of the Bollywood singer. He wrote, ‘You are my life … I can’t say what this day means to me. I have the opportunity to capture my whole world. Lots of love, my queen, my world …

Bollywood and Punjabi artists are also commenting on Neha Kakkar’s video. Everyone is congratulating Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet.

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