NCB raid on Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash’s house, some drugs were also recovered from the house; The drug chat with the actress was revealed

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On Tuesday, the Bureau of Narcotics Control raided the house of actress Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash. According to sources, the amount of medicine taken from Karisma’s house has been recovered. After which the NCB summoned him for further questioning. Earlier, the NCB had questioned Karisma twice. Karisma was once questioned by Deepika Padukone.

According to information, Karisma was not found at her home, after which the NCB returned with a copy of the summons to her house members. Karisma also had a chat with actress Deepika Padukone, where they were talking about drugs. According to NCB sources, some drug dealers also named Karisma during interrogation.

Drug talk between Deepika and Karisma was revealed

A few days ago, a conversation between Deepika and Karisma about drugs was also published. The conversation between Deepika and Karisma took place on 28 October 2017. Screenshots to the sculptor confirm that Deepika used the words ‘hash’ and ‘weed’ in her conversation with Karisma. Hash is used in the language associated with prohibited drugs. In the conversation between the two, it is not clear who is using the hash and the video. The amount of this medicine was also not mentioned but these WhatsApp chats are enough to increase Deepika’s difficulty. If these come under investigation and this evidence is considered strong, they could be prosecuted in the serious department.

Click here to read the full conversation between Deepika and Karisma about drugs ..

Through this kind of charisma, the issue of drugs reached Deepika

Karisma Prakash, who works as Deepika’s manager, works for a celebrity management company called ‘Kwan’. The company provides talent directors to more than 40 Bollywood celebrities. Riya Chakraborty’s manager Jaya Saha also works for the company. Jaya Karishma Sr. Jaya has been interrogated several times by NCB, CBI and ED teams. During the investigation, NCB came to know about the chat between Jaya and Karisma. After that the matter reached Deepika.

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