Naxalbari Review: Fight between Naxals and the government, a series about Amir Ali’s great performance


Naxalbari Review: The JDE5 seat thriller tells the story of the conflict between the Naxals and the government. The moments depicted in it will increase your heartbeat. A great web series to watch ‘Naxalbari’ with great design and sharp social comments.

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Several digital platforms are engaged in making their listeners happy and providing regular quality entertainment. Meanwhile, people will see great content on ZEE5. Offering more than 100 web series and movies in local languages, ZE5 has made a name for itself in the world of OTT and with it another great series has been released on this OTT platform … The series has been launched in G5 ‘Naxalbari. Got it.

Naxalbari fascinates you from the first episode. The next nine episodes take you on a fantastic adventure. The action that won Rajiv Khandelwal’s heart in the series will surprise you. But there are a lot of expectations associated with it and hopefully it won’t disappoint. Of course, no such show has appeared on the screen yet. It shows a more personal and traumatically sensitive aspect of the ongoing war – the red revolt between the Naxals and the government. The series does not impose any views or opinions on the viewer nor does it portray any social exploitation. It depicts everyone fighting as they see fit, the series also shows how in the midst of all this, how humanity is suffering and lives are being erased.

With this the socio-political movement is shown in a completely new style of the series, which further enhances the show. When it comes to the human side of the show, Rajiv Khandelwal as Raghav wins people’s hearts. The struggle as a rebel in remote areas for injustice and right and the strong and dedicated role of personal agenda is highly appreciated. Her character and the show’s tagline #Tokkebela match well. We see him lose love, relationships, friendships and much more that makes us realize the real effects of this kind of conflict on a personal level.
Another reason to watch this show is the character of Amir Ali in the role of Keswani. From the trailer you can see how different he looks in his new character from his chocolate image. He has played the role of a villain in the role of Keswani with full determination in every frame.

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Although. All in all, we don’t want to make you curious, but I will say that you must be surprised to see Aamir Ali’s performance in Naxalbari. Tina Dutt in the role of fianc Ketki and Srijita in the female Naxal character, as well as Satyadeep Mishra in the male Naxal character have done great. They have all brought the real life of their characters to life.
The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

The issue portrayed in the show is real and reflects the current situation around us. We suggest you check it out and fill the weekend with exciting, action-packed!
Naxalbari is managed by Partho Mitra. It is produced by Arjun Singh Boga and Karthik Nachad. DOP Credit to Hari Nair and Madhura Politer, Paresh Shah with original background score. The act of holding one’s breath was directed by Ejaz Gulab and the screenplay and effective dialogue were written by Pulkitishi and Prakhar Bihan. Naxalbari is going live now. To see it, log on to or download the ZEE5 app now!


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