Nawazuddin Siddiqui sent his wife Alia to Khulnama in Arabic saying that the two had never been married.

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  • Alia has filed a case of rape and cheating against Nawaz at the police station. In Arabic, Nawazuddin Siddiqui never married the Alama sent to Khulna

Amit Karna, MumbaiA month ago

Nawazuddin Siddiqui with his wife Alia alias Anjana Kishore Pandey.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has lodged a written complaint against his wife Alia alias Anjana Kishore Pandey at Mumbai’s Versova police station on Wednesday alleging sexual harassment. Now Alia has made new allegations against Nawaz. According to which Nawaz sent him a Khulnama written in Arabic, which is ten years ago and it is written that Nawaz never married Alia.

Alia’s team told Daily Bhaskar, “Alia has been in a divorce case with Nawaz for a long time. Alia has also accused Nawaz’s brother Shamas of indecency. Since then they have been going underground.

According to the opening, the two were not married

He further said, ‘Alia had been filing for divorce with Nawaz for a long time. At the same time an official Khulnama also came from his side. Which is written in Arabic and is said to be ten years old. It said Alia had never married Nawaz in the last ten years.

Alia has alleged rape after the affidavit

After the opening, Alia filed a complaint with the Versova police station that if Nawaz had not been married for ten years, it was a case of rape. It is a matter of deception. After which a complaint was lodged in this regard on Wednesday.

Police are taking time to write the FIR

The spokesperson further said, “Based on this allegation, the police are taking time to register an FIR against them. Police are consulting his legal team because of Nawaz’s name. If the police take more time, Alia will file a writ in the court and file an FIR.

There is no mention of any witness in Khulnama

Alia’s spokesman added, “There is no witness to this inauguration and Alia does not even know Arabic. On the other hand, even if that inauguration is considered correct, what is the relationship with ten years, what are the children?

Nawaz’s public question under suspicion

‘Alia is Hindu by the way, so she doesn’t know what is written in the opening. Also, the affidavit was never written to his knowledge. There is no witness to this. Accordingly, that Khulnama is in complete doubt.

Alia added that in such cases, it is an incident of rape and cheating. On the other hand, there was no response from Nawaz’s party. Also, Shams could not be reached at the time of writing.

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