‘Munna Bhaiya’ of ‘Mirzapur’ has taken Ekta Kapoor’s trend forward on Twitter, people have strongly praised her

Ekta Kapoor, Divyendu Sharma (Photo Credit – @Ektarkapur / @Dibyendu / Instagram)

Ekta Kapoor’s name is trending on Twitter. The reason for this is ‘Munna Bhaiya’ from Mirzapur i.e. actor Divyendu Sharma. People are seen building bridges to praise Ekta Kapoor.

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  • Latest version:November 19, 2020, 7:05 pm IST

Mumbai Producer-director Ekta Kapoor, who has made a name for herself on the small screen, is in the news for one reason or another. Recently, his name has been seen trending on social media again. Although there seems to be a lot of contraction associated with his name, this time Ekta Kapoor’s name is trending on Twitter for a special reason. Well known actor Divyendu Sharma is getting unparalleled praise due to this praise. Apart from thanking Ekta Kapoor, many have also expressed their appreciation.

In fact, via the hashtag #Ektakapur on Twitter Ekta Kapoor People are posting these posts about his upcoming web series ‘Scorpion Game’. In this web series, along with many actors, ‘Munna Bhaiya’ from Mirzapur, i.e. actor Divyendu Sharma will also be seen in an important role. Ekta Kapoor has chosen Divyendu Sharma’s casting in this series. That is why everyone is seen praising him.

People on social media are seen thanking Ekta Kapoor for including artists like Divyendu Sharma in their projects.

The character of Divyendu Sharma in this series is quite interesting. Divyendu is appearing in the role of a rebellious writer in ‘Bichchu Ka Khel’. The series has been released on Alt Balaji and G5 Club since November 18th. This series is getting very good reviews.


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