Mumbai Police told the court – it is our duty to file a case, Riya has revealed the crime in this case

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Actress Riya Chakraborty (left) had filed a case against Sushant’s sisters Priyanka and Mitu Singh before her arrest.

Mumbai Police told the Bombay High Court that it was its duty to lodge an FIR against the sisters of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, as the charges filed against him by actress Riya Chakraborty have been declared as a crime.

Mumbai Police Rajput’s sisters have filed an affidavit in the court on Monday seeking dismissal of the FIR filed by Sushant’s sisters-in-law Priyanka Singh and Mitu Singh on charges of cheating and making fake drugs for her brother. Bandra police had registered an FIR against Rajput’s sisters in September after receiving Chakraborty’s allegations.

We did not damage anyone’s reputation: Mumbai Police
In an affidavit filed by Nikhil Kapas, a senior inspector of Bandra police, he denied allegations that the police were trying to tarnish the reputation of the petitioner or any of the victims. The affidavit said that the police were not trying to influence or transact the investigation conducted by the CBI by filing an FIR against the Rajput sisters.

It further said, “An FIR (against Priyanka and Mitu) was filed on the basis of information provided by the first informant (Chakraborty), where the crime was revealed.”

Both sisters have been charged against Riya Chakraborty
The affidavit claims that according to the complainant (Chakraborty), the petitioner, with the help of a doctor from Delhi, sent a fake medical paper to Rajput asking him to cut the nervous leader. Police said that with its help, the doctor was probably given psychological substances without examining Rajput, and this was also possible in the case of Rajput’s suicide. Mumbai Police further said, “The details provided by this information reveal a comprehensible offense, which needs to be investigated.”

Mumbai Police opposes this position of CBI
After registering the FIR, the police send all the relevant documents related to the FIR to the CBI as per the directions of the Supreme Court. Police protested the CBI’s position that while the central case is already under investigation, an FIR should not be registered in the same case.

The CBI is investigating the Patna case
“The case being investigated by the CBI was filed by the father of the deceased in Bihar,” the affidavit said. “On the other hand, Riya Chakraborty’s allegations against Mumbai police have prompted an inquiry into allegations of fraud, deception and criminal conspiracy against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Priyanka, Metu and doctor Tarun Kumar,” it added.

He said the CBI should now decide whether to investigate the two civilians or submit a proper report. A bench of Justice SS Shinde and Justice MS Karnik will hear the matter further on Wednesday.


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